Companies working in complex environments face many security challenges around their areas of operations. These challenges can undermine the safety and security of their operations and staff while also affecting the human rights of local communities. Companies’ engagement with public and private security, as well as their management and oversight bodies, is of crucial importance for security sector reform and security sector governance (SSR/SSG).

DCAF supports holistic approaches to addressing security governance challenges, including through promoting innovative Business and Security that bring together the private sector, states, international organisations, and civil society organisations to promote security, development, and the protection of human rights. In this context, DCAF is an official Observer to the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights.

Business and human rights, security sector reform (SSR) as well as the wider security and development communities have developed various policy frameworks, guidance documents and tools. However, there is a clear need to build bridges between these different communities. In particular, it is essential that SSR policy and practice is better integrated into multi-stakeholder efforts by companies, states and civil society organisations to promote security and human rights when companies operate in complex environments.


To facilitate this process, DCAF, in partnership with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), has launched a joint project, ‘Addressing Security and Human Rights in Complex Environments’, and is engaged in an innovative multi-stakeholder project, ‘Global Actors and Community-Level Security: Developing Best Practices’.


Addressing Security and Human Rights in Complex Environments


Global Actors and Community-Level Security: Developing Best Practices


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