Weekly News Update

http://news.berkeley.edu/2016/06/15/a-berkeley-expert-assesses-personal-security-in-an-on-edge-america/ ©iStock photo

USA (15.06.2016): Private security company G4S has opened an internal inquiry into the employment record of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen. The inquiry follows reports that the company failed to discipline Mateen appropriately in 2013, when a courthouse where he was working requested that he be removed after he made inflammatory comments referencing connections to al Qaeda.



Nigeria (15.06.2016): The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) have announced a programme to train 1000 private security guards in the Nigerian state of Borno, a former hotbed of activity for Boko Haram. The programme will train guards from 30 private security companies in the region, ultimately preparing them to assist the NSCDC in the maintenance of local law and order.



Ghana (16.06.2016): The Association of Private Security Organisations of Ghana (APSOG) has called for a legislative framework to regulate private security companies nationwide, stating that a specific regulatory policy would boost industry investment and bolster national security.



Pakistan (21.06.2016) : The All Pakistan Security Agencies Association (APSAA) has cautioned that the operation of unlicensed security companies should not go unchecked. Reports suggest that up to 166 unregistered private security companies operate throughout the country, and the unauthorized use of uniforms and vehicles resembling law enforcement is a growing issue.



Europe (21.06.2016): A report in The Economist has indicated that factors of austerity, migration, and anxiety over terrorism have fuelled a boom in Europe’s private security industry since 2014, as traditional law enforcement tasks are increasingly contracted to private firms. Approximately 2.2million private guards are currently licensed to work in Europe – a number which roughly matches the number of police – and close co-working between police and private firms is on the rise.