27.05.2020 to 27.05.2020 - Webinar

Virtual Panel Discussion - How are private security regulators and oversight mechanisms in Latin America responding to COVID-19

Check out the recording of this webinar here!


COVID-19 is affecting all dimensions of the security sector and brings with it particular challenges for private security.

Not only are private security guards at increased health risk given their constant interaction with the public; they have been considered in most countries as “essential” services and are furthermore being called upon to provide additional services, which can include stepping in for public security providers and medical personal and supporting repatriation operations. These increased and new roles bring with them significant concerns regarding training, vetting, and oversight.


In this context, private security regulators, public oversight mechanisms, and civil society in Latin America face specific challenges regulating and holding the private security sector accountable.DCAF convened a webinar of regional practitioners to exchange lessons learnt and reflect on where regional cooperation and international support is required. 


The panel discussion included the following speakers:


     - Lic. Roberto Méndez Retana, Director de Servicios de Seguridad Privada, Ministerio de Seguridad Publica, Costa Rica

     - General Carlos Samuel Tuse Lloclla, Superintendente Nacional de Control de Servicios de Seguridad, Armas, Municiones y Explosivos de Uso Civil, Peru

     - Sra. Carmen Rosa de Léon, Directora Ejecutiva, IEPADES, Guatemala

     - S.E. Mirko Giulietti, Embajador de Suiza en Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua y Panamá


Watch here!