Private security governance

Legislative Guidance Tool

The Legislative Guidance Tool offers a blueprint for legislators to create policies and laws which are in line with internationally recognised good practices. It is aimed at parliamentarians and law and policymakers who undertake to develop new or update existing laws for national legislation of the private military and security industry. 

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Gender Tool
This Policy Brief explains why integrating a gender perspective is important to the regulation of private military and security companies (PMSCs) and provides guidance to States on doing so in national legislation, contracting and procurement policies, as well as certification, oversight and accountability frameworks for PMSCs.

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Private Security Database

Private Security Governance is increasingly prominent on the agenda of international development, peace and security communities. This interactive database provides country by country information on key issues of private security regulation.This database is a practical tool providing comprehensive insights on the legal frameworks, private security industries, governance challenges for over 25 States in various regions.

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The Role of Civil Society Organizations in Promoting Good Governance of the Private Security Sector 
As the private security sector grows in importance around the world, it is essential that engaged and capable CSOs are actively involved in ensuring good governance in this sector. This Practical Guide focuses on improving the knowledge and capacity of CSOs in the governance of the private security sector; it aims, through a gradual process, to raise awareness of the issue of good governance of private security, to improve CSOs’ knowledge of the sector, to foster their active role in order to promote and improve the governance of the sector and to resolve issues related to human rights abuses committed by PSCs.

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Use of Force Guidance Tool
This Guidance Tool is intended to support States in regulating the use of force by private security providers. The standards, requirements, and good practices contained in this Tool should be incorporated in national legislation, regulations, by-laws, as well as criteria for licensing, authorisation and registration . Additionally, States can use this Tool to inform their procurement processes when contracting the services of PSPs. This Guidance will not address situations where international humanitarian law applies. Rather, the Tool refers to the private provision of security services in law enforcement contexts. The use of force by private entities in the conduct of hostilities will not be discussed.

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Private Security Governance and National Action Plans (NAPs) on Business and Human Rights

DCAF and the Danish Institute for Human Rights developed a thematic supplement on private security governance to the National Action Plans (NAPs) on Business and Human Rights Toolkit. It provides insight on existing legal frameworks and guidance on responses to the development of new laws, policies, and practices that respond specifically to the human rights risks related to the private security industry. It is a tool for States and other stakeholders, such as national human rights institutions (NHRIs) and civil society organizations (CSOs) as well as private security providers (PSPs) to evaluate the human rights risks and impacts of ongoing and potential private security operations and services.

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