30.03.2017 to 05.04.2017 - San José, Costa Rica

Supporting the work of Costa Rican national stakeholders on private security governance

DCAF and its project partner, the United Nations Regional Centre for Peace, Disarmament and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean (UNLIREC), organised a series of events and meetings with Costa Rican stakeholders regarding private security governance. With the public authorities, DCAF continued the analysis of the Costa Rican legislative framework on private security, in light of international norms and good practices. Additionally, DCAF organised an information session on these norms and good practices, as well as regional trends and challenges, for parliamentary advisors. 


Finally, weapons of private security companies (PSC) were marked respectively destroyed in a public event on the Playa de la Democracia in downtown San José; this first-ever destruction of PSC weapons in the entire region had been requested jointly by public officials and company representatives. Attendees included the Deputy Minister of Public Security, ministry, leadership, embassy representatives, and Costa Rican school children. 


DCAF will continue its support to Costa Rican stakeholders, notably with regards to strengthening national legislation, company certification processes, and use of force by private security companies. DCAF’s work in Costa Rica is part of a multi-year DCAF-UNLIREC project to strengthen oversight and building capacities for small arms control and non-proliferation in the private security sector in Latin America and the Caribbean.