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Ghana (16.10.2018)

The police of Ghana announced new regulations for private security company personnel. DSP Kwaku Anor Dompreh, Staff Officer for Private Security Operations at the Directorate of the Ghana Police Service, stated that starting next year, private security employees will have to go through a 3-week standardised police training, aimed at increasing professionalism the industry. In addition to the training, Ghana Police Service will undertake background checks on personnel to ensure that they have no criminal records.

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USA (15.10.2018)

After last year’s conflict between white nationalists and counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, the federal government allegedly spent nearly 3 million dollars to hire private security companies to guard eight Confederate cemeteries. This security measure was a reaction to acts of vandalism against confederate cemeteries in the aftermaths of the Charlottesville incident.


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South Africa (18.10.2018)

The Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSiRA) condemned the recent killings of private security guards on duty. After two guards had been shot and killed in in Soweto, South of Johannesburg, two private security officers were critically injured in Ntshongweni, KwaZulu-Nat.


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Kenya (18.10.2018)

Kenya’s newly appointed Private Security Regulatory Authority CEO, Fazul Mohammed, has met a group of Private Military and Security Companies and warned of crackdown on non-compliant agencies. Furthermore, Fazul stated the aim to push for the finalisation of statutory policies to guide the enforcement of private security regulation Act 2016, as well as the enforcement of the minimum wage base for all private security providers in the sector.


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