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Credit: http://foroyaa.gm/ecowas-un-joint-call-for-gambias-security-reform/ Image: © Awa B. Bah/FOROYAA

USA (22.07.2018):

The state of Louisiana is currently facing a rapid increase of non-regulated private security companies, and guards who increasingly fail to complete licensing and registration requirements. In a recent case a security guard, who is accused of manslaughter outside of a night establishment while on duty, was not registered to work as a security guard. Fabian Blache III, Director of the Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners estimates that there are about 12’000 registered next to 16’000 unregistered guards in the state of Louisiana.


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Nigeria (23.07.2018):

Given the myriad of security problems facing the nation, a non-government organization, Network of Police Reform in Nigeria (NOPRIN), has called on the government to ensure proper inclusiveness and participation of every police officer in the budget process.


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Nicaragua (25.07.2018):

Brazil’s Foreign Ministry expressed its "profound indignation" over the killing of a Brazilian medical student in Nicaragua and said it was seeking clarification from Nicaragua's government. The medicine student and three other were fatally shot by a private security guard in Managua. The human rights abuses committed by security forces and their armed civilian backers in Nicaragua has recently been condemned in a resolution adopted by the Organization of American States.


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China (16.07.2018):

An increase in Foreign Direct investments from China in high risk areas led to a great demand of Chinese companies in private security. Reports claim that, according to the Chinese government, there are more than 30'000 Chinese businesses investing offshore and nearly 1 million Chinese workers abroad, most of them employed on big official projects. Many Chinese enterprises had to hire foreign professional security personnel because Chinese security firms could not meet the demand.


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Gambia (17.07.2018):

The President of the Commission of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General, pledged to continue their support in the implementation of the National Development Plan and called on the people of The Gambia, to fully participate in security sector reforms and transitional justice and regional integration in West Africa.


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