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South Africa (18.09.2018)

The Department of Labour of South Africa announced new minimum wages for private security, starting on 1 October 2018. Workers in the private security sector have been demanding a minimum wage of R 7’500; threatening to strike. Yet the revised monthly pay is below this demanded amount.


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India (17.09.2018)

Residents of the city of Jaipur are relying more on private security services. An inhabitant of the crime-prone area Jawhar Circle stated that after receiving no support from local police following the torching of over a 100 cars and bikes in their area, they lost hope in police and started to collect money to hire private security.


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USA (14.09.2018)

Former Blackwater Worldwide (now Academi) Security guard, Nicholas Slatten stands trial for the third time on charges of instigating a mass shooting in Iraq back in 2007. After being convicted in 2014, a federal appeals court threw out his conviction last year and ordered a new trial. Details of the event that caused the death of 14 and wounded 17 unarmed Iraqi civilians still remain disputed.


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United Kingdom (10.09.2018)

The British village of Martock has received strong media attention for its use of private security services. The private security company Atlas UK Security Services patrols the streets of Martock four nights a week between 10 pm and 1 am. Local councillor Neil Bloomfield stated that the story behind this project was a cutting of funding for police in England and Wales by 20% between 2010 and 2017.


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