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Credit: http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/higher-wages-security-officers-2019 Image: TODAY file photo.

Australia (21.11.17):

An Australian private security guard has been sentenced to one year imprisonment after being found to have operated with falsified security guard and handgun licenses, the expiry dates of which had been illegal changed by the guard to show 2018 instead of 2015. The accused security guard claims to have not had the funds to renew the licenses and had falsified the documents in order to seek jobs with two different private security companies. Both security companies in question have also had their licenses suspended.


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Russia (21.11.17):

A recent firefight in Moscow City, which erupted on November 17th involving two private security companies, has sparked discussion over a system of inspection of all private security companies to be carried out. Alexander Khinstein, an advisor to the Office of the National Guard Troops Service (Rosgvardiya) has stated that private security companies need to face thorough checks for compliance to legal conditions, in order to avoid recurrences of such incidents which had led to Greps-2 a private security company being at risk of losing its license to operate.


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Singapore (23.11.17):

Newly accepted recommendations from the Security Tripartite Cluster in Singapore will see the wages of over 34,000 private security officers increase, starting from 2019. Under the new changes, private security officers will be paid up to S$300 more, as part of an incremental increase plan of S$75 in 2019 and 2020.This will be followed by a S$150 increase in 2021 to compensate for a cap on overtime hours will at 72 hours per month as part of the Employment Act.


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