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United Kingdom (01.11.17):

In an attempt to fight terrorism, The United Kingdom aims to provide private security guards with reconnaissance and response training in order to be better prepared to spot suspicious activity. Metropolitan police representative Mark Rowley announced that the training is part of an integration of the guards into national armory. Officials also added that while security guards will be trained to be alert and responsive to emergency situations, they would not be expected to fill the role of police and still report to relevant authorities.


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Rwanda (05.11.17):

A recent crackdown on illegal private security companies has begun in Rwanda, with the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Theos Badege stating that all private security companies must adhere to national rules and guidelines, to maintain quality services in the nation. These stern measures are an attempt to decrease the number of private security companies operating without licenses.


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United States (12.11.17):

Private Security Company Cypress Security LLC has recently failed to adhere to training requirements for its 24 out of 28 guards recently hired to protect San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency employees. The breach was exposed in an audit report from the Office of the Controller’s City Services Auditor Division, which also uncovered that the security company was unable to demonstrate that it complies with health benefit requirements or that its subcontractors complied with liability insurance and minimum compensation requirements during the period.


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Philippines (15.11.17):

The Philippines’ Supreme Court has declared that a Commission on Elections (Comelec) rule requiring private security personnel to secure gun ban exemptions during the election period is constitutional. Commission on Elections (Comlec) has put forth a constitutional ruling against the use of guns by private security personnel during the nation’s election period. The Supreme Court made note of the history of the Philippines’ elections which have been disrupted by violence. Comlec announced that private security guards who wish to continue with gun usage during the election period are required to apply for a gun ban permit.


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