Cybersecurity governance

Introduction to Cybersecurity Governance - A Tool for Members of Parliament
This introduction, a Tool for members of parliament, explains the main elements of cybersecurity and its governance: cybercrime, cyberwar, cyberterrorism, cyberespionage and hacktivism and the challenges and opportunities in governing them. Each section is complemented with a list of possible questions that members of parliament can raise in relation to the issue. The questions aim to increase government accountability and that of other key cybersecurity stakeholders. They can be included in questions to the government, discussed in public hearings or inspire parliamentary inquires.

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Good Governance in Cybersecurity (FR)
With French government funding, DCAF has developed a Guide pour la bonne gouvernance de la cybersécurité for the new cyber training school that will open in Dakar in 2020 (Ecole nationale en cybersécurité à vocation régionale). The guide provides an overview over international norms and good practices that are relevant for security sector actors in their work in and on cyberspace, and concrete steps by which they can be implemented, particularly with regards to legislation and national strategies. It also contains numerous practical cases from across Africa and beyond.

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Policy Toolkit - The GCTF Zurich-London Recommendations on Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism and Terrorism Online
The Policy Toolkit seeks to provide a practical and user-friendly guide for policy-makers and experts in preventing and countering violent extremism and terrorism online. Importantly, the Policy Toolkit is non-exhaustive and intends to offer a point of reference for good practices and case studies.

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