05.06.2021 to 05.06.2021 - virtual meeting

Empowering civil society on private security oversight: a case study from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) – Webinar

6 May 2021 at 15:00 - 16:15 CET Join us for a webinar to hear first-hand from Congolese stakeholders about their experience and main findings in articulating solutions for the empowerment of civil society in good private security governance.

Given the private security sector’s rapid growth and evolution, ensuring effective private security governance is challenging in most places. Civil society can support public institutions in ensuring oversight and accountability of the private security industry. Therefore, DCAF and ICoCA have developed a practical guide to support civil society in working effectively in good private security governance. 


The practical guide was adapted and piloted in the DRC – a country where the private security industry has grown exponentially mainly due to a very complex security situation. For a year, 13 civil society organisations and regulatory authorities based in 10 provinces of the DRC worked on adapting the practical guide to their context while answering these two overarching questions:

•    How can civil society effectively contribute to good private security governance in the DRC? 
•    How can public institutions cooperate with civil society to ensure oversight and accountability of the private security industry in the DRC?


The webinar will be in French with interpretation in English




Find the generic practical guide here

Find the practical guide customized to the DRC here